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First Buyers Home Grant: Top Ten Key Facts

First Buyers Home Grant: Top Ten Key Facts

1.    Nearly 25,000 first home buyers signed on the dotted line this year already, which is five times the number in the last few months of last year.  This it thought to be due to the boost to the grant.

2.    The First Home Buyer Grant of $7,000 is available to eligible first home buyers. 

The grant was boosted by the Federal Government during the global financial crisis to boost the property market but has now reverted back to the original $7,000.  The grant is designed to help first home buyers onto the property ladder.

If you would like more information on what you can claim please contact your nearest mortgage broker.

3.    While the grant was increased, more first home owners than ever were looking to buy new houses.

4.    A first time home buyer can access the grant once only

5.    First home buyers can access the government grant from their mortgage broker, or submit the forms themselves

6.    Many Australian states also offer anyone eligible for the FHOG additional grants or concessions on stamp duty

7.    For the purchase of an existing dwelling, payment will be made at settlement.

8.    For a building contract, payment will be made on the first progress payment.

9.    There is no tax payable on the First Home Owner Grant.

10.    This grant is only available for properties valued at $750,000 or less in NT, VIC, NSW, QLD and in WA below the 26th parallel, $1,000,000 in WA above the 26th parallel and up to $575,000 in SA. There is no capped purchase price in the ACT and Tasmania.

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